LAQ Bree Head

~All heads are not created equally!~
New LAQ Bento head_published.png
LAQ New Release BREE Bento Head


Hair: June (Macarbe) – Beusy

Head: Bree – LAQ Mesh Head Bento

Skin: Rebel – LAQ skin applier in 2.0

Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body

I was hesitant to get a mesh head because I did not want to lose the customized face I had worked on for the last 10 years. But after seeing the amazing things that can be done with one I couldn’t put off the change; like when CD’s first came out and you weren’t sure they were a fad or not.

Years ago, LAQ was the place I went to get all the best textured hair and skins. So when I saw that they had released a new mesh head similar in appearance to my “cute girl” look, I ran to the store and started my conversion. I had confidence that the quality of craftsmanship would be beyond my expectations.

~What do you think of the similarities?~


~Building the new Cricket~

I had to buy both the head and the skin separately, but this is a nice feature as it allows many different options for your personal perfect look. There were a couple of extras I needed to get for a complete Cricket look which included applies for mesh body to match color of mesh head, my freckles and an eyeliner pack. After the easy switch, I am thrilled with the results and proud to have kept my individuality while getting to ability to create a more beautiful avatar.

If you wish to get the HUD, it comes with these options on 3 different tabs<

  • Tabs: The HUD has three tabs: features, mocap and looks:
  • Features Tab: The features tab has the most amount of options:
    • Hide/Show: Check or uncheck the face tattoo or ears to make them hide or show.
    • Eye fx: Adds shading and eye reflections on a separate layer from the eye itself. Your eyes will move around independent of the reflects. You can turn this feature on and off and play with its opacity.
    • Mouth: You have 2 layers that can be turned on or off independently.
    • Neck: The standard blender you normally get with your mesh body.
    • Skin: This tab gives you the ability to link up and buy a new skin. All skins cost L$990 lindens each. You can also clear the skin in this tab as well as tint it.
    • Tattoo: There are 5 tattoo layers. You can also control the opacity of each layer as well as tint them. It comes with free mole, blush, freckles and wrinkles.
    • Brows: You have a choice of 4 brow tones as well as an option to tint them. You can also control the opacity and clear if preferred.
    • Lashes: There are two lash options in which you can control the length and opacity on both the upper and lower lashes separately. You also have tinting and masking options.
    • Hairbase: There are 6 hairbase colors along with tinting and masking options.
    • Eyeshadow: There are 3 eye shadow layers which can be used to apply both shadows and liners. You can also tint and control their opacity. The HUD comes with 7 free shadows.
    • Lipsticks: There are 2 lipstick layers. You can also tint and control their opacity. The HUD comes with 7 free lipsticks.
  • Mocap Tab: The mocap tab includes:
    • 4 moods
    • Blinking, 2 parted lips and 2 smiles.
    • 16 Expressions and still poses
    • Talking animation – gets triggered when typing in chat
    • Furnitures – syncs with animations that can be found in animated furniture
    • Stop All – stops all animations
    • Lock Neck – locks your neck in a certain postion
    • Eye Movement control – Link your eyes, free them and also turn on mocap eye movement
    • Teeth – Hide upper and lower teeth, choose out of 4 styles and tint.
  • Looks: In the looks tab, you can save your favorite skin and makeup combinations for easier access in the future.

I hope to write a review here once I can get the HUD, soon….

Here is a link to the LAQ Bento HUD>

LAQ always delivers perfection on the products I need!!

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Author: Jodie Rae (Cricket)

I grew up traveling and exploring different cultures, both real and virtual. This is an amazing time we are living in with the ability to share our experiences like never before. I wish to share the most beautiful and interesting finds in my crazy life this time around=)

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