SLB15~ Free Gifts by Designers_01

We are so lucky to have the greatest designers in the world right here in SecondLife. And they do not skimp on helping the Lindens celebrate 15 years of beauty and exploration.

Over the next few weeks I will be going over all the items being given away over 4 sims worth of amazing stores. I hope you get the chance to do a bit of shopping, even if you may be short lindens, this collection of works is worth the admiration of all.



Glasses: Broken Geek Glasses – April May Designs

Eye Makeup: “Khol” eyeliner in 6 colors – alaskametro<3

Earrings: The Zoo Earrings – Blushed

Nails: Rainbow in Darkness – DP- Koffin Nails

Top: May Top Royal – [[ Masoom ]]

Shorts: Lara Fringed Shorts – //Ascend//

Another great designer I was really enamored of is Apple Fall, offering these beautifully sweet treats. The cake with the peach on top is an exclusive that can only be found during SecondLife Birthday party event.


Author: Jodie Rae (Cricket)

I grew up traveling and exploring different cultures, both real and virtual. This is an amazing time we are living in with the ability to share our experiences like never before. I wish to share the most beautiful and interesting finds in my crazy life this time around=)

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