SLB15 ~ Free Gifts by Designers_03


Another installment of the wonderful free gifts you can find at the SecondLife 15th Birthday Bash. Bella Moda went all out and gave me almost the whole look here, except there was a Gucci bag I did not add into the pictures. The sims have been crazzzy busy but do not give up, the items being sold there are amazing and worth the effort of catching an open teleport. I find it is easy to sit on one sim and cam around to the others at least until a spot opens up on them and you can walk across the bombarded border.


Hair : Fall Ball – Vanity Hair

Eyeshadow and Lips: Liddy Gift Pack – Zibska

Dress and shoes: Distinzione Crimson Cocktail Outfit – Bella Moda

Jewelry: Innamorato Jewellery Set – Bella Moda

Nail Appliers: Black Tip French, Colour- Hello Dave

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Author: Jodie Rae (Cricket)

I grew up traveling and exploring different cultures, both real and virtual. This is an amazing time we are living in with the ability to share our experiences like never before. I wish to share the most beautiful and interesting finds in my crazy life this time around=)

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