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Meet Cricket, the picture above is a recent snapshot of my Secondlife Avatar. I also have avatars in Guild Wars 2 that show up here from time to time. They all have the Cricket name, except a few that are “jaded”.

Why Cricket?   Many ask if the name is a reference to the British ball game but ’tis not…

My name has to do with the Disney character Jiminy Cricket, who is a cute lil’ guide for Pinocchio. I was given this nickname by my dearest friends who say I have a way of keeping them aware of the paths they have open ahead; and that I will always be present along whatever trails they choose to travel. (check out this wiki page for more about the origins of Jiminy Cricket)

Cricket Lefavre, my Secondlife avatar is always wearing the same mesh body, skin, bento head and shape unless otherwise stated in the blog post.


Shape created by Cricket Lefavre

Head: Bree – LAQ Mesh Head Bento

Skin:  LAQ Rebel in all tones, LAQ freckles in all options, LAQ eyeliner

Eyes: [GA.EG] – Ultimate Eyes

Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body

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