SLB15 ~ Free Gifts by Designers_02

Another day, another outfit from the SLB15 Shopping Sims to explore in. I had a lot of fun coming up with this sassy look =) I ADORE the halo, it actually can be turned off or set to flickering, which is so me!!! All of these items have great care to their design and fit  my avatar perfectly! The detail work on the rings are insane!!!


I really wanted a special place for this shot so I went to the SALT Art Gallery, this sim is deeply moving. I have added a photo and the SLUR at the end of this blog. Enjoy


Hair: Kyoko – TRUTH

Headband: Neon Broken Halo Headband – #hashbang!

Earpiece: Power Scouter Toy_Cutie  – Sweet Thing

Necklace: Mantra Necklace::Bloom – Cae

Dress:  Laced Up Dress – ELUSIVE

Rings: Vigro Ring – ROZOREGALIA

Nails: Daisy Trio II Polish – {ZOZ}

Socks: Fox Says Socks – Vinyl

A hauntingly beautiful art gallery that should not be missed

Here is the SLUR to Salt, Created by Eliza Wierwight:

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SLB15~ Free Gifts by Designers_01

We are so lucky to have the greatest designers in the world right here in SecondLife. And they do not skimp on helping the Lindens celebrate 15 years of beauty and exploration.

Over the next few weeks I will be going over all the items being given away over 4 sims worth of amazing stores. I hope you get the chance to do a bit of shopping, even if you may be short lindens, this collection of works is worth the admiration of all.



Glasses: Broken Geek Glasses – April May Designs

Eye Makeup: “Khol” eyeliner in 6 colors – alaskametro<3

Earrings: The Zoo Earrings – Blushed

Nails: Rainbow in Darkness – DP- Koffin Nails

Top: May Top Royal – [[ Masoom ]]

Shorts: Lara Fringed Shorts – //Ascend//

Another great designer I was really enamored of is Apple Fall, offering these beautifully sweet treats. The cake with the peach on top is an exclusive that can only be found during SecondLife Birthday party event.


SLB15 ~ SecondLife Turns 15

Unlike most that are going into their teenage years, SsecondLife is anything but difficult. The world just keeps growing and getting more beautiful with each passing year! This year they have stopped at nothing to ensure their residents have a fantastic time celebrating.

Each week the Lindens are giving away a special gift for those who take a bit off time and look for it. There will be 15 gifts over 15 weeks, each hidden in a gorgeous region. And if all the gifts are collected there is a promise of a special bonus surprise at the end of the 15 weeks.

To start looking for your gifts, you need to go to the sims Secondlife has put together to hold their party. Check out the website The Big 15th Birthday Gift Grab to get all the information and join me in world for some fun =)

HUD Reminder
Took a break from watching the World Cup 2018 to join the SLB15 Party

After exploring the SecondLife Birthday party area where there are so many things to do, from taking a POD tour to listening to some great music, go ahead and add your HUD and check out the clue to find the first weekly Gift Grab item.

gift e location
Nothing better than some sweets after a good scare

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World Cup 2018 Final


Head: Bree – LAQ Bento Head

Hair: Tatyane ~ RADEX

Skin: Rebel – LAQ Avatar

Body: Lara – Maitreya Mesh Body

Upper Tattoo: Peace! ~ [WC]

Face Tattoo: Portugal Omega Applier ~ Jane Westminster



Top and Miniskirt: Portugal ~ SL Fashion

Shoes: Thais Heels ~ KC

Necklace: Chrysoprase ~ Earthstones

Crossing that Bridge



Head: Bree – LAQ Bento Head

Hair: Bloom – Truth

Skin: Rebel – LAQ Avatar

Body: Lara – Maitreya Mesh Body


Dress: Cheema D’ali Tunic Set – !!TWA!!

Shoes: Asya Boots – RADEX

Earrings: Tali- Tooty Fruity


In the Wind – Camping & Vacation Sim Orchard Heights

LAQ Bree Head

~All heads are not created equally!~
New LAQ Bento head_published.png
LAQ New Release BREE Bento Head


Hair: June (Macarbe) – Beusy

Head: Bree – LAQ Mesh Head Bento

Skin: Rebel – LAQ skin applier in 2.0

Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body

I was hesitant to get a mesh head because I did not want to lose the customized face I had worked on for the last 10 years. But after seeing the amazing things that can be done with one I couldn’t put off the change; like when CD’s first came out and you weren’t sure they were a fad or not.

Years ago, LAQ was the place I went to get all the best textured hair and skins. So when I saw that they had released a new mesh head similar in appearance to my “cute girl” look, I ran to the store and started my conversion. I had confidence that the quality of craftsmanship would be beyond my expectations.

~What do you think of the similarities?~


~Building the new Cricket~

I had to buy both the head and the skin separately, but this is a nice feature as it allows many different options for your personal perfect look. There were a couple of extras I needed to get for a complete Cricket look which included applies for mesh body to match color of mesh head, my freckles and an eyeliner pack. After the easy switch, I am thrilled with the results and proud to have kept my individuality while getting to ability to create a more beautiful avatar.

If you wish to get the HUD, it comes with these options on 3 different tabs<

  • Tabs: The HUD has three tabs: features, mocap and looks:
  • Features Tab: The features tab has the most amount of options:
    • Hide/Show: Check or uncheck the face tattoo or ears to make them hide or show.
    • Eye fx: Adds shading and eye reflections on a separate layer from the eye itself. Your eyes will move around independent of the reflects. You can turn this feature on and off and play with its opacity.
    • Mouth: You have 2 layers that can be turned on or off independently.
    • Neck: The standard blender you normally get with your mesh body.
    • Skin: This tab gives you the ability to link up and buy a new skin. All skins cost L$990 lindens each. You can also clear the skin in this tab as well as tint it.
    • Tattoo: There are 5 tattoo layers. You can also control the opacity of each layer as well as tint them. It comes with free mole, blush, freckles and wrinkles.
    • Brows: You have a choice of 4 brow tones as well as an option to tint them. You can also control the opacity and clear if preferred.
    • Lashes: There are two lash options in which you can control the length and opacity on both the upper and lower lashes separately. You also have tinting and masking options.
    • Hairbase: There are 6 hairbase colors along with tinting and masking options.
    • Eyeshadow: There are 3 eye shadow layers which can be used to apply both shadows and liners. You can also tint and control their opacity. The HUD comes with 7 free shadows.
    • Lipsticks: There are 2 lipstick layers. You can also tint and control their opacity. The HUD comes with 7 free lipsticks.
  • Mocap Tab: The mocap tab includes:
    • 4 moods
    • Blinking, 2 parted lips and 2 smiles.
    • 16 Expressions and still poses
    • Talking animation – gets triggered when typing in chat
    • Furnitures – syncs with animations that can be found in animated furniture
    • Stop All – stops all animations
    • Lock Neck – locks your neck in a certain postion
    • Eye Movement control – Link your eyes, free them and also turn on mocap eye movement
    • Teeth – Hide upper and lower teeth, choose out of 4 styles and tint.
  • Looks: In the looks tab, you can save your favorite skin and makeup combinations for easier access in the future.

I hope to write a review here once I can get the HUD, soon….

Here is a link to the LAQ Bento HUD>

LAQ always delivers perfection on the products I need!!

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Foggy Beginnings


Blog Closeup


Hair: Sam – RADEX mesh

Head:  Bree  – LAQ Bento Head

Skin:  Rebel  – LAQ using 2.0 tone

Body: Lara – Mateirya