Guild Wars 2 Fun Run 6.5

The second half to the Elementalist run, with the Weaver this time. And my skills with the editing have improved if I do say so myself =)
Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts in the comments section of YouTube or here. Much Appreciated.celebrating my birthday with Iohannus Twine.

Part 2 of my Elementalist profession, Weaver battles for Bay in our latest WvW Fun Run. Look For Part 1 where I run with my Tempest. Be sure and check out Guild Wars 2 here:

GW2 Fun Run 5 with Dragon Hunter

Another round of WvW with my kickass Dragon Hunter, JadedCricket. She has always been my favorite and though not meta for WvW, she sure does hold her own =)

GW2 WvW Fun Run 5 with Dragon Hunter

My First Work of Art


Days of the Living Dead
Days of the Living Dead by JadedJypsi

My very first completed piece of art, would love some creative feedback and sharing if it moves you. I hope to be making more of these soon and am already working on a Native American one =)

GW2 Fun Run 4 with Scrapper ~Support and then DPS

Another round of WvW with my Engineer Scrapper, such a versatile class. I can go from support to DPS without having to relog on other class =)

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GW2- Beetle Feed AP

Finally, the last step in your own Beetle Mount Ownership is here. Join Moonlite Dream Creations as we complete the long trek to getting this adorable mount. It will make traveling through Tyria a breeze =)

Guild Wars 2 Beetle Feed Achievement Point