GW2 Fun Run 3~ Scrapper hitting for 18k dmg

Another round of WvW with my pre- meta build flamethrower. Can´t help but notice she does kick ass though

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Another Fun Run in Guild Wars 2

I have been a bit bored for the past few months, to say the least. So, I decided to go through some old videos I had, do a bit of cleaning out the attic, and I came across this gem. Our Guild had just changed its name from PuGs to HaLP and we were tearing up the Tarnished Coast scene. Our Commander is the amazing Empress Salty and I want to take this chance to say how much I adore and admire her ability to stay composed even in the heat of battle while directing a bunch of pugs and noobs like I was.

I am hoping my skills have improved since this video from August 2019

GW2 Dragon Bash Experience

Join me in Guild Wars 2 as we celebrate another year of Dragon Bashing

Check out my latest video which is just in time for the Dragon Bash event in Holbrak. Bundle up and bring lots of candy, you’ll need it =)

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Dragon Bash Stampede Survivor

Check out my latest video where I show how to compete in and complete the Dragon Bash Stampede Survivor event. This is a great way to collect tons of gold, candy, and Achievement Points.

With practice comes perfection. I will keep at it =)

Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash 2019 Arena Slayer AP

This is by far the best way to collect gold, Zhaitaffy and finish tons of achievement points during the Dragon Bash Feastival.

Check out my latest video, the first with my voice (wrenching hands a bit on the reception). I loved how the play and the music of Metallica go along perfectly =)