GW2 players that Stand with Ukraine

Enjoyed making this one… And shows my support for Ukraine and love of GW2 all wrapped in one. I found the song very moving and I am not sure what the title means, Солдат , but I have heard that 5 ´ Nizza is very popular in Ukraine. Let me know if this is not the case and I will be sure and do my research better next time =)

The Sims 4 Off-Grid Tiny A-Frame Showcase video

Check out this awesome home I did in Sims 4. It is considered a tiny home by the tiles used (though I fudged way more space into this build). And also built to be completely off-grid and self-sustainable with candle lighting and gardens aplenty.

You can download this home for yourself on the Gallery named “Off-Grid Tiny A-Frame” under our I.D. 2GeeksinaPod

I used a great trick in the building mode to give this home twice the living space as a normal Tiny home would be able to have. Enjoy and follow for more!!

The Sims 4 County Cottage |Stop Motion Build

Wow, this video was quite the effort. Took several full days just to get all the snapshots and film I needed, not to mention the editing time… whew

I am going to fondly call this home Ol Countyroad Rd because ya can’t get more country than that!

Now, for a nice cup of tea. I hope you enjoy the video and please show your support for my work by giving a share, like and subscribing.

Happy holidays all!!!!

Building this brought back great memories of the good old days and always having to clean up after going “mudding” all afternoon.

GW2 tribute video to my Father

There are not many people who have had such an impact on my life in so many different ways, from abandonment issues to wanting to find a man as loving as my father… the complexity of our relationship cannot be stated in such a small space here. But they are immense and I am grateful for them all!!! Love you, dad. Here’s a Lil something I do to feel closer to you when I need ya around =)

This goes out to my father, Cpt. Joseph Michael Lougee

Females are the Future!!! League of Legends rocks the champion women

Found this old treasure and thought it should be reposted since our other channel got deleted along with all my videos. This is the lone survivor 😊

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