Mad King in Love

My 2 favorite things, drawing and gaming, join hands during this time of year. As the Halloween madness takes over Guild Wars 2 I cannot help but be moved by the Mad Kings story. Check out the game for free by going to ArenaNet by clicking the following link ~~~»

Hoping the Lynch King has an Undying Love!

The Reality of World Bosses in GW2

The reality of World Bosses is soley funny at times

As any of you know that are following me, our old YouTube channel got deleted without recovery not too long ago. With that went all of our work because we did not have enough room to save everything on our home computers.

BUT luckily I found one survivor of the clean-up, my World Bosses video from my favorite game Guild Wars 2. I have now re-shared this funny take on our new channel 2 Geeks in a Pod.

YouTube Disappointment

About a month ago I made the foolish decision to change the birthyear of our business email to reflect how long we had been together as a couple. (1o years old BTW) Before I know it, we have been locked out of my YouTube account and my Gmail account (which is for our family business) is requesting an adult verify it before we can use it again??? That done, we now have *supervisory* control but all of our content is now gone, no trace of it anywhere. We instantly wrote YouTube and Gmail with nothing more than an autoreply saying they got the *feedback*…

So, as it stands right now I need to send an apology for any links that may not be working, there has been 3 years worth of work that is currently in an unreachable cloud. I truly hope it is fixed because we did not save copies of these works (due to their sheer size we just couldn’t afford that kind of hardware). As of now, we have had no response from YouTube but not given up hope yet… crossing virtual fingers

Flight of the Bumblebee Takes on Guild Wars 2 World Boss

If only THIS had been my biggest obstacle this past year =) Check out our latest Video showing the trials of a Daily World Boss Run =)

What I got through for the love of my game!! =)

The tallest tree house in British Columbia near Revelstoke,Canada

Should I build a home like this in Sims 4 or Secondlife?

Matcher Travel

The tallest tree house in British Columbia near Revelstoke,Canada

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